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Duane Edwards / Arab Pest Control Scholarship

A memorial was established in 1999 to honor Duane Edwards / Arab Pest Control, who served our industry so well. An endowment fund was set up with the income to be used to provide scholarships to young men and women attending Purdue University.

Excerpts from the Agreement follows: The Donor (Donor = friends and family of Duane, Arab Pest Control and the Indiana Pest Management Association) and/or others may from time to time, by gift, by bequest, or otherwise, make additional gifts to the IPMA to be added to the Duane Edwards endowment fund.

The IPMA accepts such gifts and agrees to hold and to manage, control, invest, reinvest, and to use the net income therefrom for the establishment, support and maintenance of one or more annual scholarships to students enrolled at Purdue University who have demonstrated academic proficiency and have shown a high degree of interest in pursuing a career in the field of entomology or structural pest control. It is the intent to fund an annual award to such a student attending or planning to attend Purdue University. Any Award shall be announced at, and the Award recipient formally recognized at, the annual Purdue University Pest Control Conference.

NOTE: There is no application process for this scholarship.

Decisions as to who shall receive this award shall be made by the IPMA Scholarship Committee.

Contributions to the Edwards / Arab Pest Control Scholarship may be made to:
Indiana Pest Management Association
P.O. Box 3926
West Lafayette, IN 47996
*Checks should be made payable to Indiana Pest Management Association, Inc.

Past Recipients
1999 Lori Sulek 2000 Catina Ratliff
2001 Kate Holderman 2002 Al Fournier
2003 Megan Corso 2004 Lori Sulek
2005 Margaret Schwinghammer 2006 Victoria Caceres
2007 Kim Deakins 2008 Katy Buckley
2009 Ed Russell 2010 Eva Chin
2011 Adam Salyer 2012 Yanlin Tian
2013 Aaron Myers 2014 Adam Salyer
2016 Aaron Myers 2017 Michael Woodruff
2018 Mat Dittmann 2019 Aaron Rodriquez
2020 Cecilia Foley 2021 Aaron Rodriquez


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