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The Steve Durnil Indiana Pest Management Association Family Scholarship

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The Steve Durnil Indiana Pest Management Association Family Scholarship was established in 1999. Below are listed eligibility requirements and items applicants must submit to be considered for the scholarship.
  1. Eligibility:
    1. Must be an IPMA member or an employee of an IPMA member in good standing, or the spouse, child, stepchild, grandchild, niece, or nephew of an IPMA member in good standing.
    2. Graduating high school seniors and other high school graduates, or G.E.D. equivalent will be considered.
    3. Must attend an accredited college, university, trade school, or institute of higher learning.
    4. Should be scholastically capable of college or of trade.

  2. Applicant Must Submit:
    1. Application form is available above or from the Secretary's office.
    2. Letter of application including: Qualifications, Summary in 350 words or less why you should receive the scholarship. Also include any other circumstances which may have a bearing on this application.
    3. Two supporting letters of recommendation. One from a high school teacher or principal and one from an acquaintance (non-family member).
    4. Copy of most recent high school transcripts.
    5. Institute of higher learning acceptance letter.
    6. List any other scholarship you have applied for.
    7. Application must be submitted by April 30th.
Application should be mailed to the following:
Scholarship Committee
Indiana Pest Management Association
P.O. Box 3926
West Lafayette, IN 47996

Past Recipients
1999 Andrew Gorman 2000 Johanna Smith
2001 Kirin Shah 2002 Chris Durnil
2003 Monica Thieme 2004 David Corbitt
2005 Chris Swihart 2006 Andrea Hanstra
2007 Lindsay Florey 2008 Yagana Shah
2009 Carrie Campbell 2010 Taylor Felix
2011 Kyle Schwab 2012 Tara Freel
2013 Aaron Myers 2014 Jennifer Hickman
2015 Riley Combs 2016

Serena Ketchum

2017 Wes Houin 2018

Noah James

2019 Noah James 2020

Noah James

2020 Nicholas Bayley  



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