The Purposes for Which it is Formed are as Follows:

  1. To promote standards and ethics of the pest control industry; to promote harmony and unity among the members of said industry; and to encourage sincerity of purpose, thus stimulating general cooperation and increasing the benefits derived therefrom.
  2. To foster research and diffusion of knowledge and principles of the industry among its membership.
  3. To foster, promote, maintain and encourage the civic, social, commercial and industrial welfare of the industry and its members.
  4. To secure freedom from unjust and unlawful actions.
  5. To cooperate with Federal, State and Local government authorities for the good of the community and the pest control industry.
  6. To cooperate with the National Pest Management Association, International.
  7. To pursue any other actions which would accrue to the benefit of the Association.


Use of Association Seal
Official Membership Cards and Plaques
Reduced Rates on Training Seminars and Materials

In this day of specialization, it has become vitally important that businessmen engaged in the same industry join together for united accomplishments.

The Indiana Pest Management Association is composed of able operators throughout the state who are actively engaged in pest control. These members have found that by uniting in an association dedicated to all members, their business -- today, as well as prospects for the future -- improves. Membership means stronger operation for both members and for the association itself.

The Indiana Pest Management Association offers a progressive program of training and services to the Pest Control operator, whether large or small. Can you see your place in such as Association?

This Association, serving your industry, needs your support. Your business needs the Association's power!