The Indiana Pest Management Association Memorial Scholarship

A memorial was established in 1986 to honor association members who have served their industry well. An endowment fund was set up with the income to be used to provide scholarships to young men and women attending Purdue University.

Excerpts from the Agreement follows: The Donor (Donor = Indiana Pest Management Association) and/or others may from time to time, by gift, by bequest, or otherwise, make additional gifts to the University to be added to the endowment fund.

The University accepts such gifts and agrees to hold and to manage, control, invest, reinvest, and to use the net income therefrom for the establishment, support and maintenance of one or more annual scholarships to students enrolled at Purdue University who have demonstrated academic proficiency and have shown a high degree of interest in pursuing a career in the field of entomology or structural pest control. It is the intent to fund an annual award to such a student attending or planning to attend Purdue University. Any Award shall be announced at, and the Award recipient formally recognized at, the annual Purdue University Pest Control Conference.

Decisions as to who shall receive this award shall be made by the Purdue Department of Entomology. A panel consisting of the Conference Chairman and two other faculty members will review the candidates and recommend an appropriate person to the Department Head. The latter shall have the right to make the final decision as to the recipient.

Contributions to The Indiana Pest Management Association Memorial Scholarship may be made to:

Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 3926
West Lafayette, IN 47996

*Checks should be made payable to Indiana Pest Management Association, Inc.

Past Recipients

John Klinge

2024: John Klinge

Jenna Mason

2023: Jenna Mason

Jenna Mason

2020: Jenna Mason

Ziyan Jin

2019: Ziyan Jin

Becca Thomson

2018: Becca Thomson

Aaron Rodriques

2017: Aaron Rodriques

Kabita Kharel

2016: Kabita Kharel

Aaron Ashbrook

2014: Aaron Ashbrook

Kyle Pluchar

2013: Kyle Pluchar

Zach Karl

2012: Zach Karl

Elaina Grott

2011: Elaina Grott

Marcus McDonough

2010: Marcus McDonough

Julia Prado

2010: Julia Prado

Clayton Nolting

2010: Clayton Nolting

Kapil Raje

2010: Kapil Raje

Kapil Raje

2009: Kapil Raje

Emily Shebish

2009: Emily Shebish

Alisha Johnson

2009: Alisha Johnson

Janice Van Zee

2009: Janice Van Zee

Thiago Benatti

2009: Thiago Benatti

Diana Castillo

2009: Diana Castillo

Venu Margam

2009: Venu Margam

Katie England

2009: Katie England

Phillip Morton

2009: Phillip Morton

Victoria Caceres

2008: Victoria Caceres

Jody Green

2008: Jody Green

Chase Williams

2008: Chase Williams

Alex McKinnis

2008: Alex McKinnis

Walter Baldauf

2008: Walter Baldauf

Marissa McDonough

2008: Marissa McDonough

Kali Donohue

2008: Kali Donohue

Jody Green

2007: Jody Green

Jay Bailey

2006: Jay Bailey

Matt Tarver

2005: Matt Tarver

Jody Aleong

2004: Jody Aleong

Kris Wyckhuys

2003: Kris Wyckhuys

Jody Aleong

2002: Jody Aleong

Catina Ratliff

2002: Catina Ratliff

Kurt Saltzmann

2001: Kurt Saltzmann

Dean Brad

1999: Dean Brad

Brett Sedenger

1998: Brett Sedenger

C. Kathleen Heinsohn

1997: C. Kathleen Heinsohn

Michael Scharf

1996: Michael Scharf

Stephen Kells

1995: Stephen Kells

Amy Aulbach

1994: Amy Aulbach

C. Kathleen Heinsohn

1993: C. Kathleen Heinsohn

Joseph DeMark

1992: Joseph DeMark

Christopher Voglewede

1991: Christopher Voglewede

John Barcay

1990: John Barcay

Joseph DeMark

1989: Joseph DeMark

Christopher Voglewede

1988: Christopher Voglewede