Syed Shah

Success doesn’t have to be about whom you know or the size of your bank account. Rather, the open market means the sky’s the limit relative to how hard you work to succeed.” This is the testimony of our American Dream, as well as some Naturalized citizens who have found the freedom to do what they love, do it well, and provide for themselves and their families. When you meet Syed Shah of Arab Termite & Pest Control Inc. Indianapolis, IN, the first thing you’ll notice is his broad smile, eyes that sparkle with joy, and the hands that don’t so much grip yours as engulf … them when he shakes them. Syed has a charm to his personality, giving a feeling of welcome to his inner circle. He is a people person, so gracious with his time and talents. He has been a mentor and devoted volunteer for the last 32 years. He makes lifelong friends wherever he goes.